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 Everyone did an amazing job- creative set ups, lemonade names, baked goods, everything!

Participants had a great time learning about entrepreneurship and listening to some awesome speakers: Entrepreneur of the Year Arabella Archambault, MHA Chairman Mark Fox, and New Town Mayor Jay Standish.

Special thanks to the parents and family who helped these young entrepreneurs. Your support means so much. 

Stay tuned for more events hosted by ImagiNative Inc. 

lemonade fest 1.jpg
lemonade fest 2.jpg
lemonade fest 11.jpg

It’s time we hear from our youth✨ ImagiNative Inc. reached out to students all over to see how they have been doing during the coronavirus pandemic.
We thank them for their honesty and for voicing their feelings.

Zombie Run!


2020 Talent Show ~ Online Edition

Summer Spotlight Talent Show

The Summer Spotlight Talent Show 2018 was held in New Town ND.  There was a wide array of talent displayed by these amazing youth. We are so grateful for the strong community support. From the red carpet interviews to the performances, you're in for a treat!

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